Since getting my degree at Coventry University, I have gathered over twenty years of graphic design industry experience; first I worked in-house designing graphics for a furniture company, then I moved to Glasgow where I worked for a busy large-format printers doing design work and setting up files for print.

In the background I’d been working on personal vector illustration projects in my free time and started selling stock illustrations on iStockphoto too.

In 2012 I left my job to work full time as a freelance designer and illustrator. By combining these two fields it meant I had a unique offering and could attract more of the type of work that I wanted to be doing.

My business has continued to grow as I’ve picked up more clients, gained more experience and improved in my abilities.

As well as providing unique graphics and illustrations for my growing client base I’m also a member of the Transform Creative team – a multi-disciplinary design agency for organisations with a social or environmental agenda – and in my own time work on personal art and illustration under the banner Dark Arts.

I live in Glasgow with my wife and my whippet in my home beside the River Kelvin, where I’ve set up my own home studio space. When I’m not working I enjoy walks in the woods, wildlife, reading, television, art, music and food.